Friday, June 1, 2012

Third Blog
What a crazy trip this has been! Rome leaves an overwhelming impression on your mind, body and soul. I miss a bunch of things from home, people, etc. Especially music! The connection here is terrible when we even have it, which is why my blogs and pictures come back in so slow. We’ve been competing to find the fastest routes in Rome, frequenting a 24 hour shop that only opened up a month ago (shop owner’s name is Luigi, how cool is that?) and we give him the best business he’s ever had. Apparently his step-daughter remembers me vividly. Those overwhelming impressions go both ways, you know.
 These are some of the most awesome classmates I’ve had in a class in general, let alone one that took me to Rome. Unfortunately we lost a roommate before the trip was even over, he hitched a flight back (pretty uncommon). Before I cover the trip in more detail, some quick studies:
Edit: We only have two more days before we leave. I’ll try and get them done quick

Briana Morris: Digital Media
Photographer, Artist, Hard Rocker
This girl puts up with a lot on this trip. She has to deal with me, Greg and Jenny way more than she should, and her feet have been her mortal enemy the entire trip. She’s my NSAC buddy so that basically makes us war buddies. We’ve seen some stuff before we came here, she’s got my back. And she’s stuck with me on the plane back, too. 

Jenny Hammond: Digital Media
Amateur Snarkist, Italian-Marrier, Pulitzer-Prize winner

This one has a dynamite blog where she delivers sharp words with flavor. In her free time she likes to give Greg and me a hard time (wish it wasn’t so easy). She found a security guard husband or something like that; I don’t know (“It was so unexpected!”).  Don’t see how she’s gonna get him through customs though. She likes dirty jokes and she’s “down to facebook” as they say. Also thinks that finger moustaches are funny. But at least she’s got that sarcasm down! She’s a catch, that one.

Greg Folta: Digital Media
Model, Star Wars fan, Always goes too far 
Greg’s the only digital media man in the apartment besides me, so we both keep it nice and nerdy. He likes to go out with us and put our dancing to shame. He kills it. He’s one of the few I can get my Star Wars on with and he likes to “Greg” it on the regular. This term has multiple uses.

Like I said, got a couple more blogs after this. Rest assured, I’ve had the time of my life here. See you stateside soon.

-          L

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